Designed to be ridden from waist high to slightly overhead waves the AMP is a full attack high performance summer shape for intermediate to advanced riders. A kicked snub-nose coming into a slightly wider outline with a touch extra volume paddles well and generates heaps of drive and acceleration. The AMP features a thruster set-up with a clean single concave running the length of the board making it ideal for punchy reef and beach breaks.

The super lightweight yet bomb proof ACTIVE carbon construction infuses significant spring and projection when releasing from a turn. The AMP begs to be sent airborne and is built to withstand the punishment.

Perfection through customized imperfection

These incredibly light and especially precise boards are created in a partly translucent built method. We utilize a semi custom process where the first cocoon of fused cell core , glass and high density Corecell is precision formed in high pressure molds. Shape imperfections from core memory is sanded down before vacuum bagging the outer carbon skin, which is left visible with it’s cosmetic imperfections . The rails get their incredible definition with minimal layers of a white extra strong precision filler. Every board will look a little different cosmetically, but thus even more identical in shape.



5’7  -  2.0 Kg

5’8  -  2.3 kg

5’10  -  2.5kg

A109 + B114 FINS

All round performance thruster fin set. Lightweight,equal sized, hexcel core fins with standard flex/stiffness, slight side fin inside foil.

Depth 116mm / Base 109mm

Tech & Features


Active Inside

The patent pending internal ACTIVE system creates performance through flex.

The flexibility of the board is adjusted by using different fiber orientations, carbon strengths and outer/inner foam core densities. These elements fine tune the board’s ability to flex and return.

The ACTIVE system features a laminated STARFLEX carbon corecell stringer. The stringer is suspended through the center of the board between two high memory polypropylene layers. This acts like a dynamic spring allowing the shell laminate to flex freely but preventing hyperflexion under extreme load.


EPP Compression 

The system features a carbon stringer suspended through the center of the board between two high memory polypropylene layers.